The Team


Jin Park

Founder and co-director

I am a student at Harvard College studying life science and philosophy. Higher Dreams was first conceived after I had finished my college application process. As an undocumented student, it was very difficult to navigate an already intricate system; I knew there were resources online, but I felt that a website that synthesized all these resources and provided personalized insight would have been invaluable for me as I was applying to college. 


Roscoe Wasserburg


I grew up in the Bronx and recently graduated from McGill University, where I pursued a double major in sociology and cell/molecular biology. My goal with Higher Dreams is to assist students achieve higher education by providing them with the tools necessary to succeed.

Advisory Board

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Kay Merseth

SENIOR LECTURER ON EDUCATION, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Roberto Gonzales

Professor of Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education