Most schools may be need-aware for admissions, but once accepted, many schools on this list meet full demonstrated aid.

  1. I encourage you to pay close attention to the following schools, as they consider applicants equally regardless of their ability to pay: Amherst College, Dartmouth College, Harvard University, MIT, Princeton University, Yale University. These schools are “need-blind,” which means that asking for financial aid has no bearing on the admissions decision.
  2. Schools highlighted in green may offer full tuition to undocumented students

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School NameStateFinancial Aid AvailableDescriptionAdmissionsFinancial Aid
Amherst CollegeMassachusettsYesConsidered as international students. Comprehensive program of financial aid that provides assistance in the form of scholarships and grants, loans, and student employment. Both freshmen and transfer applicants need to complete the CSS PROFILE and submit income/wage documentation. Aid covers most but not all costs for very few students. 10% are non-U.S. citizens.Link
Arizona State UniversityArizonaNoNo financial aid provided.
Azusa Pacific UniversityCaliforniaYesCan apply for merit-based scholarships which are based on SAT and GPA. Can receive more than one scholarship, if qualified.
Bard CollegeNew YorkYesConsidered as international students. Grants are awarded on the basis of financial need, academic achievement and promise. Scholarships range from $5,000 to $25,000 for full-time enrollment. File Certification of Finances and International Student Financial Aid Form.
Bates CollegeMaineYesConsidered as international students. Will meet the full need of the student for the duration of his/her college career if admitted. Must apply for financial aid when applying for admission. Must complete the Bates Financial Statement for International Students and send a Wage Statement from each working parent's employer. No financial assistance for transfer students.
Bowdoin CollegeMaineYesConsidered as international students. Eligibility for grant assistance is "need-based," determined through analysis of income, asset and tax information submitted on the CSS Profile and federal income tax returns. Does not offer merit based scholarships or grants of any kind. Competition for funding is intense and funding is limited. Financial aid is very occasionally available for transfer students and the competition is quite intense.Link
Brown UniversityRhode IslandYesMust apply as international student. Should apply for financial aid at the time of admission. Eligibility for the aid is solely based in financial need (will meet 100% of the need) How to apply as freshmen:Link
Bryan CollegeTennesseeDoes not accept undocumented students
Bryn Mawr CollegePennsylvaniaYesConsidered international students. Awards need-based financial aid. Possible to meet 100%of need for freshmen, but partial help for transfers. Complete the CSS Profile or the International Student Financial Aid Application and the Parents' Income and Tax Documentation.
California Institute of TechnologyCaliforniaYesNeed based aid given if admitted. Must apply as international student. Admission is competitive.
Carleton CollegeMinnesotaYesConsidered international students. Up to six full scholarships. Up to six partial scholarships. Need to complete the Certification of Finances and either the CSS Profile or the International Student Financial Aid Application. Given the limited funding available, Carleton will not consider new applications for aid once the student is enrolled. Indicate in application that it is intended to apply for financial aid.
Claremont McKenna CollegeCaliforniaYesConsidered as international students. The average aid award for an international student is $23,000. Must submit the CSS Profile and the Financial Certification Form. Merit scholarships are awarded to international students and range from $10,000 to full tuition. Submit the college supplement when applying for admission.
Colby CollegeMaineYesMust apply as international student. Only 8 international students admitted a year. Rare for an undocumented student to qualify.
College of the Holy CrossMassachusettsNoNo support provided.
College of William and MaryVirginiaYesOnly private loans
Columbia UniversityNew YorkYesAssistance for all admitted students. Must complete the CSS International Student Financial Aid Application. Admission is competitive.
Connecticut UniversityConnecticutYesMust apply as international student. Financial aid, including scholarships and loans, is not available.
Cornell UniversityNew YorkYesProvides financial aid on a limited basis to international students. Apply for the aid through a separate application process at the same time that applying for admission. Link
Dartmouth CollegeNew HampshireYesUndocumented students are no longer considered international students, as of the last few years. This applies both to admissions and financial aid, which are two separate entities at Dartmouth. Additionally, the student contribution for first-year students is waived for accepted undocumented students.Link
Davidson CollegeNorth CarolinaYesA limited number of international students receive financial assistance each year. The assistance is based on a combination of financial aid and merit. When applying, make sure to note that you are "undocumented" or a non- U.S. citizen and the citizenship of your birth. Must complete the CSS Profile, the International Student Financial Aid Application and the Certification of Finances. Also pursue the merit-based scholarship opportunities.
Dominican UniversityIllinoisYesNot considered international students, just undocumented students. Need-based financial aid available. Also eligible for scholarships after they apply for admission.
Dominican University of CaliforniaCaliforniaYesConsidered AB540 students. Financial assistance is provided, but no full need is met for either freshmen or transfer students. Should submit the AB540 student form when applying for the assistance.
Duke UniversityNorth CarolinaYesMust apply as international student. Must apply for financial aid while applying for admission. Eligibility for aid is based solely on financial need. Will meet 100% of demonstrated need. Are eligible for merit scholarships.LinkLink
Emory UniversityGeorgiaYesCan apply for merit-based scholarships.Link
Fairfield UniversityConnecticutYesMust apply as international student. Unable to award any need-based financial aid this year. A first-year student who applies for admission is automatically considered for a Magis Scholarship (annual award of $20,000 renewable for four years)
Franklin and Marshall CollegePennsylvaniaYesConsidered international. Submit the school's International Financial Aid Form when applying for admission. Complete the CSS Profile and Parents' Tax Returns.
Fresno Pacific UniversityCaliforniaYesConsidered as international students. Offers several scholarships [link].LinkLink
George Mason UniversityWashington, DCYesConsidered international students. Need-based financial aid available and several merit-based scholarships for freshmen students.
Georgia Institute of TechnologyGeorgiaUnable to enroll undocumented students.
Grinnell CollegeIowaYesConsidered as international students. Complete the International Student Application for Financial Aid and Scholarships when applying for admission. Does offer financial assistance for transfer students.
Harvard UniversityMassachusettsYesUndocumented students must file as international students. All financial aid and scholarships are based on need. Admission is competitive because everyone qualifies for the financial assistance. Need to file the CSS Profile or a paper submission that requires Financial Statement for Students from Foreign Countries, Parent Income Tax Return or Wage Statement, and if necessary a Business/Farm Supplement, Noncustodial Parent Information or the Estate or Trust Tax Return.
Harvey Mudd CollegeCaliforniaYesConsidered international students. Should apply for need-based financial aid when applying for admission. Will also be considered for some merit-based scholarships at the time of admission. Should submit the CSS Profile, Certification of Finances, and IDOC documents. Transfer students are very unlikely to receive financial assistance.
Haverford UniversityPennsylvaniaYesConsidered international students and eligible for full need-based financial assistance. Only three spots available. Fee waivers available. Complete Profile Application and submit tax returns. Financial aid is not available for transfer students.Link
Indiana University, BloomingtonIndianaYesConsidered international students. Eligible only for scholarships when applying for admission. No financial assistance for transfers.
John Carroll UniversityOhioYesOnly merit aid is awarded. Scholarships ranging from $1,000-$13,000 per year. Submit an application for scholarship at the same time that applying for admission.
Kalamazoo CollegeMichiganYesConsidered as international students. Eligible for financial assistance and merit-based scholarships. Submit the International Student Financial Aid Application form before applying for admission.
Kenyon CollegeOhioYesConsidered international students. Offers financial aid in the form of scholarships, loans and on-campus employment. Does award full rides to some select undocumented students.
Lafayette CollegePennsylvaniaYesConsidered international students. Meets the full demonstrated financial need of international students. Must complete the CSS Profile.
Lehigh UniversityPennsylvaniaYesConsidered international student. Awards financial aid on the basis of demonstrated need. Merit scholarships may also be awarded on a limited basis. No application is necessary for merit scholarships. Complete the CSS Profile or International Student Financial Aid Application and the Certification of Finances. Transfer students are not eligible for need based or merit based financial aid.
Loyola Marymount UniversityCaliforniaNoNot eligible for financial aid. Eligibility for scholarships can be based on academic merit, leadership, and/or talent. 5 AB540 full rides awarded per year. Will consider transfer students. All applicants for admission are automatically considered.
Massachusetts Institute of TechnologyMassachusettsYesConsidered as international student. Must submit CSS profile and Parents' Income Tax Return or Wage Statement. Will meet full need-based aid if admitted.
Miami UniversityOhioYesConsidered out of state students rather than international. All out of state students who apply for admission are considered for a limited number of merit-based scholarships. New admitted transfer students will be considered for merit and need-based scholarships opportunities.
Michigan State UniversityMichiganNoNo financial aid provided. Could be eligible for scholarships through the university.
Mills CollegeCaliforniaYesConsidered international students. Offers a variety of merit scholarships ranging from $5,000 to full tuition.
Montgomery CollegeMarylandYesConsidered international students. Offers need-based financial aid for freshmen. Should complete the CSS Profile and Parents' Tax Returns.
Mount Holyoke CollegeMassachusettsYesConsidered as international applicant. Does offer financial assistance for freshmen and transfer students. Must apply for financial assistance at the same time that applies for admission. Submit CSS Profile and Parental Tax Return or Certified Verification of Total Income.
Mount St. Mary's CollegeCaliforniaYesConsidered as international students. Only partial scholarships for freshmen students.
North Carolina State UniversityNorth CarolinaNoNo financial aid available for international students. Students may be considered for departmental awards that are not restricted to U.S. citizenship. Possible scholarship opportunities.Link
Northwestern UniversityIllinoisYesConsidered international students. Only need-based financial assistance available when applying for admission under Regular Decision. Admission decisions are need-aware, not need-blind. Complete the CSS Profile and Parents' tax return. No financial aid available for transfer students.
Oberlin CollegeOhioYesStudents are considered international. Meets the full demonstrated financial need of every admitted student through a combination of grants, loans, and money earned through student employment. (Package covers about three-quarters of the cost of attendance) Less than 15% of applicants are admitted each year. Must indicate on application for admission that wants to be considered for financial aid. Must complete a CSS profile and Certification of Finances.
Occidental CollegeCaliforniaYesConsidered international students. Provides 100% of demonstrated need to international or domestic students. Each year Occidental is only able to fully fund 2 to 4 international students. Should apply for aid at the time of admission. Explain any unusual expenses, debt, or special circumstances on the Certification of Finances and complete the International Student Financial Aid Application.
Pepperdine UniversityCaliforniaYesConsidered international students. No need-based aid offered. But some academic scholarships available for both freshmen and transfers.
Pitzer CollegeCaliforniaYesOffers one renewable scholarship (tuition, fees, room & board) for admitted AB540. Requirements are: not permanent resident or UC citizen and born in Latin American country, attended CA HS for 4 yrs, min. 3.5 GPA, extracurricular and leadership activities, must be nominated by HS counselor
Pomona CollegeCaliforniaYesApply as a regular student. Not considered an international student. Several full rides awarded per year. Submit the CSS Profile, Certification of Finances, and International Student Application of Financial Aid.
Princeton UniversityNew JerseyYesConsidered international students. Full support provided! Admission is need-blind. Aid is awarded solely on basis of need. Need is met through grants, scholarships, other sources or campus jobs. Application fee waivers available. Admission is competitive. Submit the Princeton Financial Aid Application (PFAA) [link].Link
Reed CollegeOregonYesConsidered international students. Offers financial aid to approximately 20 to 25 students in need-based. Should complete the CSS Profile and IDOC documentation.
Rice UniversityTexasYesConsidered International students and eligible for merit-based scholarships.
Ripon CollegeWisconsinYesApply as international student. Eligible for merit-based scholarships. Complete and submit the Certification of Finances and include an official, notarized financial statement to this form. Eligible for an on campus job, which helps to pay for the education. Merit Based Scholarship: up to $15,000 Performance/Recognition Scholarships: up to $5,000 each (4 scholarships available)
Sacred Heart UniversityConnecticutNoNo support provided
Santa Clara UniversityCaliforniaYesConsidered international students. Financial aid is not available. But does offer 15 full ride scholarships for freshmen and transfer students. Very competitive but the most slots available at any California college.
Soka UniversityCaliforniaUnable to offer admission, unless the applicant is willing to apply for permanent residency or exit the U.S. and apply for the appropriate F-1 student visa to re-enter the U.S.Link
South Texas UniversityTexasNoNo support provided
Stanford UniversityCaliforniaYesStudents are met with full need and should apply as international students. But the financial aid is need-aware. Indicate the need of financial assistance on the admission application. Submit CSS Profile, Certification of Finances, and International Student Financial Aid Application.
Swarthmore CollegePennsylvaniaYesConsidered international students. Financial aid decision is offered to students on the basis of their demonstrated financial needs only.
Tufts UniversityMassachusettsYesFinancial assistance awarded the same as international students but only on the basis of demonstrated need. Apply for the aid when applying for admission. Complete the CSS Profile, and once admitted, must submit the International Student Certification of Finances.
University of ArizonaArizonaNoNo support provided
University of ChicagoIllinoisYesInternational students are only eligible for financial aid if they apply for support during the admission process. Complete the International Student Financial Aid Application and the UChicago Aid Application. Eligible for merit-based scholarships. Transfer students are not eligible for any financial assistance.Link
University of ConnecticutConnecticutNoNo support provided
University of FloridaFloridaNoNo need-based financial aid
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignIllinoisNoNo support provided
University of LouisvilleKentuckyNoNo support provided
University of Maryland, College ParkMarylandNoNo support provided
University of Michigan , Ann ArborMichiganNoNo support provided
University of MinnesotaMinnesotaYesDoes not offer financial aid to international students. Does offer a limited number of Global Excellence Scholarships for freshmen and transfers. No separate scholarship application is required. Does offer thousands of on- and off-campus student employment options.
University of North Carolina, Chapel HillNorth CarolinaYesConsidered International Student. Will consider the admissions application for any available merit scholarships.
University of PennsylvaniaPennsylvaniaYesOnly need-based financial aid is awarded when admitted. (Committed to meeting 100% of student's determined need without loans. Complete the Penn Financial Aid Supplement, the CSS Profile, and the Parents' and Student's Tax Returns.
University of Puget SoundWashingtonYesConsidered as international students. Does offer need-based financial aid for freshmen students. Must complete CSS Profile and Certification of Finances.
University of RedlandsCaliforniaNoNo support provided
University of RochesterNew YorkNoNo support provided
University of Southern CaliforniaCaliforniaYesConsidered international students. No need-based aid or application fee waivers, but merit scholarships available.
University of TennesseeTennesseeNoNo support provided
University of VermontVermontNoNo support provided
University of VirginiaVirginiaNoNo financial aid provided. But there are a few merit-based scholarships.Link
University of WashingtonWashingtonNoNo support provided
Vassar CollegeNew YorkYesUndocumented students are accepted and helped the same and on the basis of those that are international students. Complete CSS Profile, Institutional Documentation Service (IDOC) and Tax Returns [link].Link
Washington University in St. LouisMissouriYesProvides financial assistance for freshmen and transfer international students. Assistance is based on achievement, potential, and need. Submit either CSS Profile or Washington University Family Financial Profile for International Applicants [link].Link
Wellesley CollegeMassachusettsNoNo support provided
Wesleyan UniversityConnecticutYesConsidered international students. Award financial assistance solely on the basis of financial need. Can offer assistance to approximately 15 international students. Submit the CSS Profile and Parents' verification of income. No financial aid for transfer students.
Whitman CollegeWashingtonYesDoes offer approximately 20 scholarships to international applicants. Scholarships based upon academic and extra-curricular achievement and financial need. Does not regularly offer to transfer students. Awards range between $2,500 and $45,000. Financial aid only available for students applying for the fall semester using the Regular Decision process. Must fill out the CSS Profile.
Williams CollegeMassachusettsYesDoes provide need-based aid if admitted. Must apply as international students. Apply for the aid when applying for admission. Complete CSS Profile and Parents' Tax Returns.Link
Yale UniversityConnecticutYes100% of demonstrated need will be met. Both freshmen and transfers: Complete Yale Financial Aid Application, CSS Profile, and Parents' Tax Returns.